To choose from, with price 49zł

1. Gyu no tataki – grilled Asian herbs pickled beef tenderloin (130-140 g)

2. Scallops / shrimps grilled with garlic butter, green pepper, chives and avocado

3. Three royal shrimps fried in aromatic panko crumbs with lime, togarashi and wasabi sauce

4. Unagi Chinmi – eel fillet with rice, lichee, almonds and sweet sauce

5. Seriola tartare with mint, lime and avocado

6. Sashimi with chosen fish
(13 pcs.)

7. Yaita tara – grilled cod with cauliflower risotto, endive and salmon roe

8. Duck breast sous-vide with plum, white turnip, hoisin sauce and cinnamon

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