To choose from, with price 35zł

1. Sashimi maki wrapped in rice paper with butterfish or salmon
8 pcs.

2. Futomaki with eel in omelette, sweet sauce and sesame
6 pcs.

3. Sashimi with chosen fish
7 pcs.

4. Rainbow maki with tuna/hamachi/eel
6 pcs.

5. Futomaki with spicy tuna tartare in tempura batter
6 pcs.

6. Sashimi maki with eel in tempura batter, blueberries, omelette and sweet sauce
8 pcs.

7. Sake/Tuna oyakomaki with ikura and quail egg yolk
2 pcs.

8. Bowl of refreshing shrimp salad
1 portion

9. Dragon roll with prawn in tempura batter and eel outside
6 pcs

10. California maki with panko butterfish, sweet gourd strips and seared salmon/tuna
6 pcs.

11. Bowl of spicy salmon tartare
1 portion

12. Futomaki with octopus
6 pcs.

13. Sashimi maki in rice paper with salmon, spicy grilled shrimps, orange, cream cheese, avocado and lettuce
6 pcs

14. Rainbow maki with gravlax salmon and mango
6 pcs.

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